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"What you are missing, search for it in what you already have."


Koan Zen

Then :

  • how to be prepared ?

  • how to manage the multiples paradoxes that we have to face ?

  • how to increase individual performance, as well as the one of a team or an organisation, while preserving personal balance and health ?

  • how to reconcile short term logic and long term optimisation ?

  • how to reconcile personal values  with the ones of the organisation ?

  • how to find the meaning which enables us to keep going and developing ?

For you as an executive or a manager, for an employee or for one of your teams we will help you to :

  • take a step back,

  • sort it out,

  • find your breath, find or increase your confidence,

  • develop your autonomy,

  • find yourself back in a position of being able to make the right choices.

We will work on :


  • the « What ? », i.e. the processes with which you operate and the objectives,

  • the « How ? », i.e. the content and the practical aspects,

  • the « Why ? », i.e. the meaning and the sense we give to things,

  • the operational needs as well as the stucture and training needs,

  • the competencies, the expertise and the behaviours,

  • the positioning and the identity, the personal values,

  • self esteem, confidence and autonomy.

Our coaching approach is humanist, integrative, and constructivist at the same time, and is

oriented on performance.


An approach of performance


Individuals like teams have all a potential to developp.

Like for champions, it is always possible to improve !


In a more and more complex world, we are asked to always do more and better !


















Here are some of the questions that we will address in our work.


A humanist approach


You already have all the keys, because you have the solutions and the resources to find them inside you !

Like any of us, you are unique ! You need to find your own answers !


We are there to help you in finding these answers.















An integrative approach


We will work on all the facets of your problem, taking into consideration the globality of your environnement.

What is at stake is usually complex with dimensions intimate, personal, relational, operational and organisational dimensions.





















A constructivist approach


You will do the work because you are not only the expert of your job, but also the expert of yourself.


We do not position ourselves as consultants, bringing solutions to you. The coach is an expert in relation and is the guardian of the framework, the one that will help you find your own solutions which will answer your needs.


We are here to do a diagnostic of the situation, to establish a plan of your work and to accompany you in your development.

Our work will be refined constantly depending on your evolution as well as your current or future needs.















If necessary, we also have the possibility of using other types of intervention (team building, training, ...),

that we will decide together.

Our work is not based on standard solutions :

  • we define together the goals to be reached,

  • we use the appropriat tools answering your needs at short, mid and long term,

  • we move on and amend by taking into account the current situation, and we create the necessary tools along with the progress of the work,

  • we build together.

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