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Who are we ?


Inspirance Consulting SàRL


Founder and Managing Director :

Gilles Ossona de Mendez, 

MBA, Certified Coach (accredited EMCC Senior practitioner), HR Consultant and Trainer 




  • 27  years experience, including 18 in Human Resources at management positions,

  • experience in finance, management accounting and administration,

  • daily people management in companies, at all levels in the organisation.




  • deep knowledge of team management

  • deep operational knowledge, as well as the challenges of organisations and teams

  • knowledge of international work environments and multinational and matrix organisations, as well as small and medium size organisations

  • daily contacts with stakeholders at all levels in organisations




  • a coaching practice leading to autonomy, while preserving the vigilence of an expert in human resources and in management,

  • the alliance between a long field experience in human resources (with knowledge accross the organisation) and a strong background, training and experience in coaching,

  • a caring and empathic approach, along with a demanding and constructive mind, in a constant search for increased performance,

  • an authentic and direct behaviour oriented on motivation,

  • a work in the spirit of a real partnership. 




Our partnership with an important network of coachs, consultants and trainers enables us to gather the resources which will be necessary to all your missions.



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