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Myers Briggs Type Indicator


At Inspirance Consulting, we are certified for MBTI at the levels 1 and 2, as well as for teams.

This worldwide used tool helps you to better understand yourself and your relations with others.

MBTI is used at the level of the individual and can also be used for a team or an entire organisation.


This personal and team development tool will enable you :

  • to discover your natural psychological preferences,

  • to understand those from the others,

  • to understand the differences between individuals,

  • to discover the development that you have not used yet,

  • to discover the different types within yours teams,

  • to enable a better fluidity of communication within your teams,

  • to enable a better efficiency of the teamwork.


MBTI is one of the tools we use in team coaching because it is a good starting point for a deep personal and

group development work.

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